Sonja Best, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, USA
Sponsored by AVS
Host-flavivirus interactions; IFN-stimulated genes

Caroline Demangel, The Pasteur Institute, France
Mycobacteria, mycolactone, inflammation and metabolomics

George Gao, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Interspecies transmission of pathogens; enveloped virus-host interaction; molecular immune recognition

Nancy Haigwood, Oregon Health and Science University, USA
Sponsored by ASI
HIV transmission, immunity and vaccine development

Marion Pepper, University of Washington, USA
Immunological memory; adaptive response to malaria; tetramer-based enrichment strategies

Bali Pulendran, Emory Vaccine Centre, USA
Sponsored by SLB
Innate immune system regulation of adaptive immune responses to pathogens; vaccine and therapeutic design

Thierry Soldati, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Phagocytosis; host-pathogen interactions; anti-mycobacterial compounds

Dominique Soldati-Favre, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Plenary Speaker
Apicomplexa motion, host cell attachment and invasion



Sammy Bedoui, University of Melbourne
Dendritic cell and T cell interactions during infection

Katherine Kedzierska, University of Melbourne
Sponsored by ASM VIC Branch
Human T cell immunology; influenza responses; clinical cohorts 

Rowena Martin, Australian National University
Malaria membrane transport proteins and their involvement in drug resistance

David Lynn, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute
Interplay between the microbiome, vaccines and the immune system

David Tscharke, Australian National University
Herpes simplex virus, viral latency, antigen presentation to CD8+ T Cells

Cynthia Whitchurch, University of Technology, Sydney
Biofilm formation and migration; Pseudomonas-host interactions

Connie Wong, Monash University
Neuroinflammation in both infectious and non-infectious models