A/Prof David Lynn

David has an international track record (having worked in Canada, Ireland and Australia) in applying computational and experimental systems biology approaches to investigate the immune system and more recently, cancer. Since 2014, David is a European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Australia Group Leader at SAHMRI, South Australia’s new $250 million state-of-the-art health and medical research institute. He also holds faculty position at the Flinders University School of Medicine. At SAHMRI, David leads a multi-disciplinary group that is equally divided between computational biology/bioinformatics and experimental biology. On the wet-lab side, the group employs in vitro and in vivo experimental models coupled with systems biology approaches to investigate the regulation of innate &, more recently, adaptive immunity. Recently, the group has become particularly interested in the interplay between the microbiome and the immune system. David is also developing a strong interest in vaccine non-specific effects - effects vaccines have on mortality and morbidity not explained by explained by the prevention of the targeted diseases. On the bioinformatics side, the group leads the development of InnateDB.com, an internationally recognised systems biology platform for the computational analysis of innate immunity networks/pathways. Recently, David has also expanded his interest in network biology into the cancer signalling area, and leads the computational biology aspects of a €12 million European Commission funded project, investigating how to model and subsequently therapeutically target networks in cancer. To facilitate this work the group has developed several novel pieces of software for network and pathway visualisation and analysis.  Academic qualifications: BA (Trinity College Dublin, Genetics; 2000), MSc (U. Ottawa, Bioinformatics; 2001), PhD (University College Dublin, Computational Biology; 2004).


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